November 2018

Speaker: There was no speaker for our November meeting as we were gathered to arrange our annual Christmas party and finalise arrangements for the free Bus trip to Lincoln Christmas market

Newbies & Absences: Denise welcomed Linda to the meeting and apologised on behalf of the Breast Cancer Specialist Nurses for their absence.  Staffing is short at the moment in the Breast Unit due to the fact that they now cover two trusts.

Wellbeing Centre: Gill had been talking to Rebecca Hardy at the Wellbeing Centre on their proposal to set up alternative therapy sessions.  This was proving difficult as funding was first needed to make the rooms more homely and inviting to their clients.

Festivities: We decided on the Festive Buffet for our Christmas bash the cost of which will be met by our funds, and proposals for games including Val’s famous quiz, not to forget a secret Santa £5.00 present. If you are going to attend please let Denise know by 22nd November.

Headstrong: Jaysee put in a plea for volunteers for Headstrong as they were struggling to cover the sessions. She explained that since Breast Cancer Care had stopped funding for Headstrong it was being managed directly by the Wellbeing Centre, this involves a 2 hour session and training is provided. If you want to get involved with this very worthwhile service or need more information first, contact Rebecca or Lisa on Tel: 01733 678564.

Lincoln Trip: Denise said that to date 10 people had reserved seats for the free bus trip to Lincoln Christmas Market and if anyone else wanted to book a seat to let her know also by 22nd November.

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