April 2019

Intro: Denise introduced Helen as their new Coordinator

Breast Care Nurses: Helen welcomed Claire, our Senior Specialist Nurse from Peterborough City Hospital (PCH), whom we hadn’t seen since Christmas & Claire explained to the Group that the Team had been reformed since Huntingdon Hospital (HH) merged with PC, 2 Breast Care Nurse’s (BCN) at HH ad 3 BCN’s at PCH plus a new BCN has just been appointed. She hopes we will see Nurses regularly at our Meetings. Mandy is the newest Nurse to join the PCH Breast Care Team, hopefully will meet her in May.

Counselling: June wanted to know more about when Counselling Services were offered for breast cancer diagnoses. Claire explained that all breast cancer nurses have been trained in counselling. The Waiting List for Counselling is 12-16+ weeks counsellor covers Women’s Health. 

Size & Grades of Cancer: The next discussion about Size and Grade of cancer followed when a member asked ‘could the cancer lie dormant or be ignored/not noticed a while’? Also the different treatments for Oestrogen & progesterone fuelled cancers were discussed as was the time, involvement & diagnosis of axillary lymph node involvement.

Guest Speaker: Indian Head Massage was cancelled - Anna stepped in at very short notice to talk about Reflexology. Reflexology is said to be an ‘Art of stress reduction’ based on the theory that the body is reflected on the feet & less so on the hands. Anna gave us colourful hand & foot Reflexology charts which indicate areas of the body & taught us how to “walk” our fingers along & across specific areas of our hands & feet to ease specific symptoms, pointing out the do’s & dont’s and the grainy or bumpy feelings we may encounter. It was essential to drink 2 litres of water daily to wash out our systems. We thanked Anna for sharing her knowledge & Helen presented her with a card & gift.

Summer Trip: Helen lead a discussion about a summer trip, many were interested in going to Cambridge & enjoying a punt on the River Cam. More information in future Newsletters!

Strawberries: Val said she would be able; after all, to host our Annual & only fundraiser-PBCSG’s Strawberry Tea. This will be her last hosting. It is to be held on Saturday 22nd June, at Val’s house in Downgate, Longthorpe. Tickets will cost £5 & each ticket holder gets a hot beverage, bowl of strawberries & cream and a scone with cream & jam.