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In August 2014 there was a Q&A Session. Here is that newsletter for download. Q&A August 2014

December 2018

A Happy New Year to Everyone and all the very best for 2019!

Xmas Party:
In December we had our Christmas party and it was lovely to see Claire our Breast Care Nurse who took time out from her hectic schedule at the Breast Unit to come and see us. She reported that new staff had started that week, providing the much needed support to both her and Lisa. The party food provided by the hotel was excellent and we had the usual games but with a twist such as pass the parcel and festive gizmo plus Val’s super hard quiz.  But most of all it was great to see one another again and we ended the evening with secret Santa gifts.

Consultant Speaker: Denise asked if one of the Consultant Surgeons would be able to come and speak to the group next year. Mr Tafazal was suggested and Claire said she would enquire if he would be willing to come along.

Wellbeing Centre: Gill had spoken to Val about a contribution towards updating some of the rooms in the Wellbeing Centre for proposed new alternative therapy sessions.  It was decided to donate £300 with the proviso it was not used on art work for the walls as the Centre already has a thriving art group capable of providing art work themselves.

Lincoln Free Bus Trip: Jaysee said the free bus trip to Lincoln Christmas Market has been fun although she was disappointed so few people had come along.

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November 2018

Speaker: There was no speaker for our November meeting as we were gathered to arrange our annual Christmas party and finalise arrangements for the free Bus trip to Lincoln Christmas market

Newbies & Absences: Denise welcomed Linda to the meeting and apologised on behalf of the Breast Cancer Specialist Nurses for their absence.  Staffing is short at the moment in the Breast Unit due to the fact that they now cover two trusts.

Wellbeing Centre: Gill had been talking to Rebecca Hardy at the Wellbeing Centre on their proposal to set up alternative therapy sessions.  This was proving difficult as funding was first needed to make the rooms more homely and inviting to their clients.

Festivities: We decided on the Festive Buffet for our Christmas bash the cost of which will be met by our funds, and proposals for games including Val’s famous quiz, not to forget a secret Santa £5.00 present. If you are going to attend please let Denise know by 22nd November.

Headstrong: Jaysee put in a plea for volunteers for Headstrong as they were struggling to cover the sessions. She explained that since Breast Cancer Care had stopped funding for Headstrong it was being managed directly by the Wellbeing Centre, this involves a 2 hour session and training is provided. If you want to get involved with this very worthwhile service or need more information first, contact Rebecca or Lisa on Tel: 01733 678564.

Lincoln Trip: Denise said that to date 10 people had reserved seats for the free bus trip to Lincoln Christmas Market and if anyone else wanted to book a seat to let her know also by 22nd November.

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October 2018

Speaker: Denise welcomed back Debbie Williams our speaker for the evening.  Debbie is a Clinical Psychologist at Birmingham and Soulihull Mental Health Trust but works mainly as a psychotherapist. She is also a great supporter of PBCSG and this is the third visit to the group. This session covered our experiences of breast cancer on those around us and how we have adopted ‘different faces’ to deal with this. All of us knew what she meant. Our own ways of dealing with family and friends tended to change depending on who it was we were talking to.
After some discussion Debbie asked us what we thought the compassionate self is? We came up with a whole list:- Empathy, non-judgemental, understanding, caring, accepting, noticing the pain in others in the broadest sense to displaying kindness, awareness, thoughtfulness, being good at listening and observing on an individual level. 

Lincoln Christmas Market: There are sufficient members for the free bus trip to Lincoln Christmas Market on Friday 7/12/18 to go ahead. The Bus will leave from the Pyramid Bretton where parking is free at 10.00am.  For any members who have not had an opportunity to put their name down yet ring Denise 01733 341491.

Headstrong: Denise also asked members if anyone was interested in volunteering for Headstrong as they are short of volunteers. This would involve a 2 hour session every 2 weeks and training is provided.  For more information contact Jaysee  on Tel: 01733 576245. Mob 07810 513559.

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September 2018

Members: It was great seeing many of our regular members, and some who had not been for awhile and couple of new members

Speaker: Our Speaker this month was Anna, a tutor at Peterborough Regional College Beauty Department who described the purpose and use of hand massage and hot wax treatment for skin care and painful joints. While the wax was heated up Anna demonstrated the best way to put on hand cream and brought some for all of us to use.

Crocus Club: Denise passed on an invitation from Jackie of the Head and Neck Cancer Support Group (the Crocus Club) to attend their meeting on Sunday 7th October 2018 at 2.30pm – if you want to listen to their guest speaker Jamie Rae (founder) or Gordon Dow from the Throat Cancer Foundation. Val and Denise plan to attend from 3.00- 5.00pm for mingling and afternoon tea. The event is being held at the Woodman, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough. PE3 6SQ and we hope to see some of you there. Jackie would like to know how many of us are joining them for catering purposes so please inform Gill or Denise by 25th September 2018 if you want to go.

Lincoln Christmas Market: Our date for the free bus trip to Lincoln Christmas Market was decided for Friday 7/12/18, meeting at the Pyramid Bretton where parking is free all day at 10.00am. Jayshee is going to arrange a 12 – 15 seat bus, as so far about 9 people have expressed an interest. For any members who have not had an opportunity to put their name down yet ring Denise 01733 341491, Val 01733 267005 

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August 2018

Q&A session: Claire Snowden was our Breast Care Nurse for the evening and it was her last visit before she moves on to her new job in clinical trials. Does anastrozole caused weight gain? Yes, up exercise rates. Can you get replacement breast implants? Breast implants are replaced if shape alters or feels tight. otherwise they are left as nowadays these are guaranteed for life.

Costa's Chatty Cafe Scheme: this scheme which reserves a table (chatter and natter table) for community groups and others to meet and chat - talk to Costa's manager to put their name down.

Treasurer: Recently received a generous donation of £225 from the Market Deeping Inner Wheel.
PBCSG Bushfield Library visit: A drop-in session took place on Tuesday 21st August at the library for Orton residents. 
Message from Joy (New Zealand) - niece Alison is all fine and well as the lump is only glandular.

Proposed Christmas Market Bus Trip: If you would like to come along on the trip, please contact Jayshee on Tel: 01733 576245 / Mob 07810 513559

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July 2018

Welcome Back! We were delighted to see our annual visitor from the East!  Joy lives and worked in New Zealand but hails from Peterborough where her Mum, sisters and families still live, so she pops in to see us when she visits them in the summer. This year she brought along her young niece Alison who was interested in the activities of our group.

The logistics of the PCH merger with Hinchingbrooke hospital and in particular the Breast Units.  They see on average 100 breast cancer patients a year as compared to PCH’s 400 breast cancer patients.  Also Hinchingbrooke do not undertake screening.  Staffing at Hinchingbrooke consists of 2 staff members, one of which is a Nurse Consultant and Peterborough has Specialist Breast Care Nurses.

Around the World: Finally we compared the way breast cancer is diagnosed in the UK and many parts of the world and concluded that in the UK breast cancers were initially diagnosed by Mammography, Ultrasound, and often a follow-up biopsy.  There are other methods of diagnosis but the follow-up stages appear to be similar.

Strawberry Tea: Val, our Treasurer, informed us that we had raised a total of £567 at the event broken down into tickets and donations, raffle, hamper donated by Michael (Val’s son) and 2 Reiki Vouchers acquired by Rosemary.  The plant stall raised £26 and the Tombola £98. The strawberries were donated by Carole’s daughter and the scones by Sainsbury’s.

StrawberryTea-1  StrawberryTea-2

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June 2018

pbcsg-quiz.fwNew Member: A new member – Aruna and was welcomed by all of us and Denise explained about how the support group operated and additionally one of the Breast Care Nurses usually attended to offer any ongoing support needed. Claire Snowden had come along tonight in case there were any questions or queries

Strawberry Tea:Val reported that ticket sales for this event had gone well, in fact she had sold all the tickets Gill had given her and so was a little fearful it would be oversubscribed.  Because of this she was keen to borrow as many chairs and tables as she could to ensure everyone had somewhere to sit down.
Arrangements were finalised with Carol regarding strawberries and decisions on the amounts of scones cream and jam required. Drop off of equipment etc was made for Friday evening.  Val also announced that her son had donated a luxury hamper as a raffle prize.

Bushfield Library Outreach Session:  Following on from the Herlington outreach session Gill had booked Bushfield Library for 2 sessions in August the 7th and the 14th.  The Library has agreed to advertise our sessions.

Mentoring Training: There were still places available on the Macmillan Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors and Listening and Responding courses.  Mauricette was hoping to attend one in July but the 9.00am start in Birmingham and Leicester was felt to be difficult for most of us.  Gill suggested we ask the local midlands team to maybe put on a course in Peterborough and we could invite the other cancer support groups to attend.
It was felt it was worthwhile to follow this up.

AOB: Finally we finished with a quiz which Rosemary and Sue won with Eve, Jenny and Val in second place.

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May 2018


Group: Denise welcomed everyone to our May meeting and as an introduction to Charlotte and Sarah, who were attending for the first time, we all said something about ourselves.

Denise also welcomed our Breast Care Specialist Nurse Claire Hall and thanked her for attending tonight to take any questions and asked for her opinion on the group providing mentoring for women going through treatment at the hospital. Rosemary said she had found out quite a lot from other patients when she was going through  treatment which had helped her enormously and felt we could  play a part in helping other women with their concerns.

Casting for Recovery: Mauricette told us about her trip to the Lake District to learn fly fishing as a means of recovering from Breast Cancer. She would highly recommend others to go. They run 6 sessions a year and provide the accommodation, food, equipment, clothing and one to one tuition. All she had had to do was travel to the venue and take her own wellingtons.

AOB: Bra’s – Sue had found Beales only exempted VAT on some bra’’s, Denise will follow this up. Wellbeing Centre link from our website has now been added on the contact's page. Daytime Drop-in Orton, other suggestion are Hampton and Bretton, Gill to book Orton Session. Mentoring Training – Gill will find out more and email members with info.

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April 2018

Group: Arriving at the Holiday Inn in the daylight for the first time this year resulted in an upbeat feel to our April meeting. It was great to welcome back Jaysee from her travels and Mauricette from her voyager, parcourir. Eve and Sue were attending for the first time and Lisa from the Breast Unit came along to take questions.

Q&A session: Subjects covered were the use of Tamoxifen and its effects on bone density, the drinking of green or white tea and soya products and their effects on breast cancer.

Discussions: We then all told Sue and Eve a little bit about our own experience’s and during this session discovered that a late newcomer – Anna, had never had Breast Cancer, she was in fact our speaker for the night!

Speaker Anna: Anna introduced herself to the group. She is a Beauty Therapist employed by Peterborough College and teaches massage at College in the evening and also baby massage at the Sure Start Centre. Tonight she was going to show us how to massage hand and arms

AOB: Carole said she and Gill were working on the leaflet, and Denise suggested we send out details about the Macmillan training via email, the rest will wait until next meeting and Val reminded everyone about tombola prizes for this year’s Strawberry Tea Fundraiser on  23rd June.

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March 2018

Group: Very few of us were able to come along to our March meeting due to the appalling weather conditions, however four of us did turn up including Mauricette who was planning to set off for France later that night. She also told us that she had been accepted onto the Casting for Recovery project run by the Countryside Alliance at the end of April which is being held at the Coniston Hotel and Spa in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Beauty & Wellness: There was no Breast Cancer Specialist Nurse available, again due to the weather, so Denise welcomed Julian Roddis from the Beauty and Wellness Centre based at the Queensgate Hotel on Fletton Avenue.

History Project: Our history photo project which would go into a leaflet/booklet to provide more of a picture of who we are and what we do.  Denise requested that we bring these to our April meeting.

Mammography: Jenny had highlighted the fact that women over 70 did not get invites to attend for mammography and felt this should be highlighted locally

Mentoring: Rosemary had suggested offering face to face mentoring to women going through treatment but it was agreed that first we should have training on how to talk to patients. 

Strawberries: Val asked if we could all start bringing in tombola prizes this year’s Strawberry Tea Fundraiser is  23rd June.

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February 2018

Welcome Back: For our first meeting in 2018 we were delighted to see Mauricette again and welcomed Julie who had been unable to come along to the meeting in Orton and decided to try the Holiday Inn instead.

Breast Care Support Nurse, Claire Snowden, was there to answer our queries and we had a discussion about anti-depressants when going through treatment.

Daytime Meetings: Our experience of holding a daytime meeting at Herlington Centre Orton Malbourne had not been particularly successful.

Institute of Cancer Research are looking for volunteers recently diagnosed or on treatment to raise awareness of the importance of the work they are doing.

PBCSG History: We did say that we would collect photos of our history as a group, which would go into a leaflet/booklet to provide more of a picture of who we are and what we do. Please remember to bring us photos/info from the past.

PBCSG Leaflet: We also discussed our current leaflet feeling it needed updating. Helen suggested we make it simpler, scaling it down to A5 size and it was agreed to also simplify our message and information. Carol said she could provide leaflet printing and Gill said she would carry out the suggested amendments and send on to Carol via email.

Finally Val said the date for this year’s Strawberry Tea Fundraiser is 23rd June.

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December 2017

Overview: It was wonderful to see old members Ruth, Nobbie, Rita, Helen, Chris, Gaynor and Wendy at our annual Christmas Party and the Hotel had come up trumps this year with their buffet, providing a really nice spread which was also gluten free. The party was fun, Val’s quiz was extremely hard this year and won by Ruth.... and we finished with a Secret Santa.

Vals Quiz SecretSanta

We started by catching up with each other’s news and then letting everyone know what our plans were for 2018:
Our History:
PBCSG has been going for many years and seen many changes and we have all gathered a lot of insights and experiences.  So next year we plan to see if it would be feasible to set up small local Breast Cancer Support Groups around the Peterborough area.  We have formed a partnership with the Community Area Co-ordinator at the City College who will help facilitate a pilot project in the Ortons which starts in January.

Given the length of time the group has been in existence we all have an accumulation of photographs which illustrate our activities and events and provide the history of PBCSG up to the present day.  So we have agreed to sort out our photos by February 2018 with the view of putting together our own story and if you have any old photos of the group, can you forward them to us please via Denise or Gill.


Other Ideas: We feel ready to help mentor women going through or after completing treatment by talking about our own experiences both physically and psychologically. And we are also interested in campaigning on raising awareness for mammography for the 70+ age group.
We’d like ideas, comments, suggestions or anybody willing to help provide support and friendship initially in a hospital or Cancer Centre setting.

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